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Leigh Outlaw


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My Story

Hey there! I'm so glad you stopped by to check out my site and read my story.

I live in Arkansas but will always be an Oklahoma gal at heart. I'm the mom of 2 teenage boys involved in soccer, JROTC, swim and track (to say I'm busy is an understatement!). I'm also employed full-time by the Arkansas National Guard and a huge supporter of our military men and women.

I discovered Scentsy in 2013 when I purchased my first warmer and 3 bars of Black Raspberry Vanilla (which is still my No. 1 all time favorite!) from a friend's online party. From that point on, my house smelled amazing when I was home and with two active boys that's no easy task!

Fast forward to May 2015, my oldest decided he wanted to start training for the Naval Special Forces. That meant adding swim lessons/a swim coach to our list of extra curricular activities, along with an extra bill each month. Direct Sales had never been on my radar before but I needed a way to bring in additional money in order to afford those lessons and to still allow myself the opportunity to be present for both of their other activities. When I joined, that's all I wanted. To earn a $100 a month to pay for those lessons.

Two years later, my "why" is constantly evolving. The oldest is still training and will be enlisting at some point in the next year but my focus has shifted to not only affording those lessons but to also push me out of my (very small) comfort zone and meet some amazing friends (both fellow consultants and customers) along the way.

As a consultant, my top priorities are to 1) help make your home smell incredible 2) have tons of parties to meet people and create new friendships 3) build my team, foster relationships, and encourage others to start a journey of their own.

I love Scentsy, I love my Scentsy Family, and I love customers like you! Please feel free to contact me at any time!

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